Patient safety final exam

Date : Wed 23 may

Time: 12-1

Venue: Main Audiotorium

40 MCQ – 40 marks


Introduction to Patient Safety Module  

Infection control measures and recommendations for inevitable contamination 

Hospital safety and disaster management 

Medication Safety and Errors 

Human factors and Effects of stress and fatigue on medical practice and patient safety  

Documentation of adverse events and malpractice protection 


log book

Sterilization Workshop

Sharp Safety

Medication Safety

Transfusion Safety

The workshops Qustions are going to be from the checklist signed by the nurses for each workshop

important points in infection control lec

Difference between contact, droplet and airborn infections

Dr. Maha said the Q will be from her ppt and straight forward

Good Luck :D

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  1. Dr.Sama says:

    Regarding Hospital safety and disaster management lect, the available file is only one part of lect the other is available as a hard copy in the library.
    Good luck :)

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