Medicine Final Exam-Female Batch



This exam is divided into two parts:


Part 1:


The Written:


Date: Saturday, 2nd of June 2012


Time: 1 PM to 4 PM


Venue: Main auditorium


Marks Distribution: 20 marks / 80 MCQs


Important Notes


Study from the SAME resources you studied from before in the mid term, so you won’t confuse yourself and lose time” Dr. Abdullah said.


Important topics in each chapter by Dr.Hussain


Male Final MCQ

MED06 common MCQ answers


best source for studying


For the Written Exam, the best source for studying is Common MCQ




The exam was written by Dr.Khalid Al Shali and Dr.Aisha Al Shareef


Dr.Aisha said the questions will be easy and short (not more than 3 or 4 lines for each question). They will be different and much easier than the midterm. They will bring questions from the bank, which is the common MCQs.



Part 2:


The Oral Exam:


Date: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 3rd to 6th of June 2012


Time: From 8 AM to 2 PM.


Venue: FMW, MMW, 3rd floor and ERU, 4th floor


Marks: Each student will have 2 short cases and one long, 15 marks for the long case, 15 marks for the two short cases (7.5/case)

Oral Names


Important Notes


The males told me that 90% of their oral exams were from Dr.Abdullah’s sheets. DON’T GO TO THE ORAL EXAM WITHOUT READING THE EXAM PAPERS WRITTEN BY DR.ABDULLAH!!!!


Male Oral Exam


The important topics for the short and long case


Prof. Amoudi will ask you in the exam to bring ophthalmoscope with you to give you marks


Dr.Omar Fatah Al Deen questions in Rheumatology cases will be from Dr.Attia’s sheet for Rheumatology. You must read it




sources to study the oral


**The best sources to study the oral exam are:


(Dr.Abdullah’s work): Sheets and exam sheets


(MKS Notes 2nd edition)





There are a lot of sheets in Medicine in Al Andalus library, but the most important that you should obtain are:


1-MKS Notes, 2nd edition


2-Common MCQs


3- Rheumatology sheet by Dr. Attia


4-Preparatory course sheets. They are 7 sheets and they are in this order in the library, ask the guy for the number not the name:




2)Endocrine & ID


3)GI & Hematology


4)Neurology (Ptosis) & Respiratory & RA


5)Glomerular Diseaes & Chemotherapy and Oncological Emergencies


6)Oral exams sheet


7)Mixed sheet that contains topics not present in the previous sheets, which are:


Stroke, Paraplegia and Proximal Weakness- Bronchial Asthma and COPD- Acute and Chronic Renal Failure- Lymphadenopathy Approach

+ new sheet include ( other important exams, CRF exam, Cerebellar exam, two sheets thyroid exam and another spleenomegaly exam )





6th year Female Leader: Wesal Abualkhair


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  1. yaseera says:

    I had a CVA case & the patient has a weakness in one side the dr. asked me why his hand is bounded with the bed (when I mentioned that in inspection at the beginning of examination ) from only one side?? … .. of course the answer is clear

  2. Hi Girls ..

    What do u mean by this sentence ?
    “Prof. Amoudi will ask you in the exam to bring ophthalmoscope with you to give you marks”

    Do I have to buy an ophthalmoscope before the exam ?

  3. logbook requirements according to Dr.Sami Bahlas
    Wesal asked him about it
    And that was what he told her
    Regarding the:
    * Clinics: One clinic/ week ( 2 cardiology, 2 GI, 1 respiratory, 1 derma, 1 hematology, 1 rheumatology, 1 infectious, 1 oncology, 1 nephro, 1 neuro, 1 genera)
    * ER cases: Its better to write 2 cases according to the items in the paper PLUS three to four lines followup (important complications, findings, discharge plan)
    * Skills: any one can sign (resident, specialist, consultant, nurses, technician)
    * Case presentation: four to six cases are required from you, they have to be signed by a consultant or a specialist “senior residents are NOT accepted”
    ** It will NOT count if u present to a resident and a consultant signed on the signature of the resident.

    Dr. Maimona said :” if you present more than six, it will be counted as a bonus for any deficiencies in ur logbook”

    Don’t worry
    the minimum mark the male took was 15-16, although the males had a lot of deficiencies in their logbooks

  4. السلام عليكم

    الملفين في الشورت كيس واللونج كيس ، نفس الملف صح ؟

    كلهم دا الملف

  5. السلام عليكم
    هل شغل د. عبد الله كله موجود في رابط الشوكر سنك
    والشيتات اللي مو موجودة في الموقع بس شي الريماتولوجي حق د.عطية؟؟

    وممكن احد اذا يقدر يرفعه سكينر؟؟

    وبالتوفبق يا دفعتي العزيزة

  6. Kholood says:

    سلام عليكم..
    ابغى اسأل عن اسماء الأورال نزلت ولا لأ..؟

  7. the dr asked me if this patient was dehydrated how u r going to examine him ? and asked me about the jvp in dehydration is it high or low ? and he told me what important system u want to examine and why ? also he asked the indication of renal Dialysis i said the 5 indication but dr fayzah told me that ther’s more than 5 .
    my examiner : dr-fayzah 8ary and dr-6areef

    • u can tell us what the answer for all the question ?? & if the dr accepted it or need more ?

      wesal i wanna ask if the answe of MCQ in last page of each chapter in common is right or ?

  8. Girls are the names for oral ready ?

  9. Wesal Abualkhair says:

    Dear girls,

    I arranged the oral names in a word file according to the pictures because the numbers are not clear.

    All Dr.Abdullah’s work is in the Sugar Sync. Dr.Attiah sheet is NOT available as a soft copy.
    The MCQs answers are not accurate. If you can solve it with another student that would be better.

    Good luck. Pray to Allah to have mercy on us and al Tawfik and al Hemmah for the LAST EXAM IN THE WHOLE 6 YEARS of our study. I am praying to Allah for you all to bring the written and oral exam Bard wa Salam alakom :)

    • it says that we only have 1 hour for clerking. does that include the 2 short cases too? or just the long case alone? I mean that 1 hour is for the long case (only) to take a thorough Hx and do complete Ex then after that the examiners will discuss the case with us in few mins? then there will b extra 20 mins for the 2 short cases, right? ^^’

      • Wesal Abualkhair says:

        Sweet girls,

        How the oral exam goes:

        1)All of you MUST be at the 3rd floor at 7:30 AM SHARP!!!! Some of us will begin with the short cases and some of us will begin with the long case. If you finish the short case first, you have to wait for your turn in the long case. They didn’t stick to the hours they selected for each group of student. If you start with the long, then you will finish with the short. If you start with the short, then you will finish with the long.

        2)I talked to one of the students, she will get the cases appointed for the exam on Saturday inshAllah and I will send it in a message as soon as I get them inshAllah.

        3)The 1 hour will be for the long case history and examination (It is up to you how you divide it). Dr.Hind said, 20 minutes exactly for the history, if you didn’t finish, jump to the examination (another 20 minutes) and continue taking history while you examine to save time. Then, the last 20 minutes are supposed to be your time to organize your data and be prepared for:
        D.D (top differential), approach to such patient (investigation, management), and expected complications.
        Additional 20 minutes will be for the discussion of the long case and the committee will take you to the case to do the examination in front of them. NEVER LIE IN YOU EXAMINATION!!!! They will make sure that the positive things in the examination you mentioned are true.

        20 minutes will be for the 2 short cases, 10 minutes for each case, with 1 committee.

        Rabana Yofekom we Yeftah Alakom to finish the curriculum inshAllah.

  10. Abdullah badahman says:

    السلام عليكم
    أعلم أني لا أكتب في هذا المنتدى إلا في الأوقات الصعبة و الحرجة، حتى صرت أنا نفسي أخاف من شكل هذا المنتدى، لكن الحمدلله كلها أيام قلائل و يكشف الله فيها الغمة و ينتهي كل شيء نعم كل شيء و نقول بإذن الله مبرووووووووك للجميع.
    أحب أن أطمئن الجميع بعد اختبار “الميد تيرم” و بعد ما سمعته و نقلته من الكثير من البنات عن اختبارهم الذي اختبروه و مما أرسلته إلي وصال أيضاً فلم أجد شيئاً جديداً عما شرحناه او اخذتموه من اوراق و خاصة ال ( exam sheets) إلا القليل جداً و كانت من بعض الدكاترة الذين أتحفظ عن ذكر اسمائهم. و الأسئلة كالتالي :
    case of CLD
    What is ur D.D ? then ask on details about liver dis. According to what I said on D.D
    What mangment of wilson’s , investigation ?
    Hemochromatosis affect which organe ?
    How to traet autoimmune heptaits ?
    Ptosis case
    Ask me to see pt face have ptosis
    So what u will examin ? which nerve will affected ? what possible abnormality u will fine ?
    According to my maine D.D, i will examine the fallowing:
    Mystheina grave’s : ask pt to fix his head, look up stare for 30 second, in M.G the pt will have ptosis, this is will be reversible after applying ice pack on the pt eye.
    Horner syndrome : i will examine the pupil (this pt will have miosis “constrected pupil “) while in CN3palsy the pupil is dilated also the light reflex in Horner will be intact. Also by general inspection i will look if the eye is sunken (enophthalmous).
    CN 3 pulley : i will examine CN3(blood pressure. Signs of DM complications (e.g vibration senses, postural hypotension, …..) Cerebellar examination, CN3 pulsy can be caused by DM & HTN (the pupil is spared, light reflex is intact as DM & HTN don’t affect the parasympathetic fiberes of the CN3), Anyresm of posterior communicating artery, Multiple sclerosis (the light reflex here will be affected).
    There are a lot of anther D.D but this are the most important one
    What do u want to examin else ? he want the rest of cranial nerve & lower & upper motor ,sensory & cereblar examin ..just I say it not do it
    What the name of eyes muscle and function and nerve will supply it ? what the name of all this muscle ? extra ocular muscle.
    Invx of M.S ?
    What is the D.D of sudden loss of vision ?
    What is the D.D of Horner syndrome ?
    Any interruption of the sympathetic nerve from brainstem (demylination (multiple sclerosis), vascular disease (stroke, amylodosis) ), or through the cord (synringiomyelia), thoracic outlet (pancost tumor), or finally at the internal carotid artery into the skull (carotid anyresum).
    What are the causes of sudden visual loos ?
    Rerinal artery occlusion, Rerinal vein occlusion, TIA, Migrane, Gaint cell arteritis, & Corneal abrasion.
    What is the pathway of the embolus from the heart to the brain ?
    Aortic arch>>> Lt common carotid>>>> Lt internal carotid
    Aortic arch>>> brachiocephalic give 3 branches, the most imp are 1- Rt common carotid which give Rt internal carotid 2- Vertebral artery
    Nephrotic syndrome Case
    (bilateral lower limb edema)
    *examin lower limb generally not neuro.
    pitting edema or not, sign of celluitis (redness, tenderness), vascular examination.
    *DDX (CLD, CHF, Protien loosing enteropathy, Medication)
    What medication can cause LL edema ?
    Steroid, Calcium channel blockers, & NSAID.
    *invetigation for each ddx (for heart,liver and kidney~~~ with details)
    *managment of nephrotic pt.
    *indication of dialysis 
    *what u want to examin also ( there was AV fistula with thirll)
    The most impo in Examining AV fistula are 1- look for sign of infection (reddnes), 2- Thrill (this can be done by stethoscope, presence of thrill indicates fuctioninig patent fistula).

    DKA is imp topic(sorry there is no exam sheet for it) including diagnosis, invx, management (what is the different in management od DKA & non-ketotic hyperosmolar coma).
    What is the grade of hepatic encephalopathy in pt with flapping tremors ?
    Grade II
    What is the single test for diagnosing hepatic encephalopathy ?
    Amonia level.
    Where you can see pallor in the pt ?
    Palm, Sole & Conjactive
    Patient come to ER with Asthma exacerbation, after managing him, what medication you wana to discharge the patient on ?
    Salbutamole + short course steroid (5-7 days) & appointment to the clinic to reevaluate his management.
    What are the S.E of steroid?
    …….., Osteoprosis.
    How to diagnos osteoprosis ?
    DEXA scan if the result is > -2.5
    Rx ?
    What is the mechanism of action of Bisphosphonate ?
    bind to calcium & accumulate to a high concentration only in bone.

    ختاماً أرجو منكم جميعاً ان تتوجهو إلى الله بقلوبكم و قوموا إلى الله و لو بركعتين و اشكو إليه همومكم في سجودكم، و اعدكم من نفسي ان اواصلكم بالدعاء يومياً فأبشرو و لا تخافو فالله معكم، ابشرو. 

  11. Abdullah badahman says:

    بالنسبة لل ( long case ) نصيحتي للكل كالتالي
    ١- لا احد يضيع وقته و يروح الجامعة و ياخذ كيسات، ذاكرو ذاكرو ذاكرو.
    ٢- الاختبار مدته ساعة و المطلوب في هذه الساعة ان تاخذي هيستوري و تعملي ايكساميناشن.
    ٣- لنحافظ على الوقت ارجو منكم ان تفعلو التالي:
    أ- اسئلي المريض عن ” الشيف كومبلاين” و عن التشخيص، ايوه التشخيص ( ايش المرض الي عندك)، الجواب سيكون واحد من ٤.
    ١- مرضي كذا ( درن في النخاع، جلطة في الدماغ،…. )
    ٢- لا أدري لكن اتيت في الطوارئ بكذا و قالو لي عندك مشكلة في الجاز الفلاني.
    ( جيت الطوارئ تعبان ( او ميوات في البطن او الرجول) و قالولي عندك مشكلة في الكبد.
    في الحالتين السابقة حاولي ان تصلي للتشخيص بسرعة دحيث ١- سيبي المريض يتكلم و هو حيعطيك أكثر من تليح للتشخيص ٢- ارجوكم لا و الف لا، لا احد يضيع وقته في ” اناليسس” الاهبل، للتوضيح ( المريض يشتكي من
    Dyspnea, cough, vomitting k the case is straight forword heart failure. Don’t wasre your time by analysis of all these symptomes, despite it’s very impo to be mentioned in the Hx, however you must analyse the dyspnea & ask the pt about the pillow, tray to detremaine the grade of dyspnea, but in the cough don’t waste your time, just write from your mind he cough 3 times dialy, with white mucus, ususally at neight bed & the vomiting also wite any thing. The examiner for sure will not ask the pt do you have cough 3 or 4 times & if he aske the pt the rule in medicien is the pt alwayes lie. So don’t worry but tray to write somthing logic not like ( dysnea with projactile vomitting !!??!! ).
    انا لا اشجع انه احد يكذب لكن الي بنكتبه من راسنا هو على غلبة الظن و تسعين بالمية من المرضى يكون عندهم هذا الشي.
    ٣- كملي باقي الهيستوري من ورقة غوغندي و لو في شي مهم نسيتي تساليه اساليه للمريض، بهذه الطريق الهيستوري في اسوأ الحالات حياخذ منك نص ساعة.
    في الحالتين التالية سيختلف الوضع قليلاً
    ٣- انا تعبان، عربي ما في ….. هنا عن ك خيارين الاول تقولي للريسيدانت الي دخلك للكيس انه في “لانجوج بارير” و لازم تغيري الكيس و الريزدنت يمكن يوافق و ممكن ما يوافق لو ما وافق لا تخلوه يروح قبل ما يساعدكم و يعطيكم اقل شي التشخيص و الشيف كومبلين.
    لو ما لقيتي الريسدنت و طلع اي دكتور و قالك معليش ممنوع تطلعي من اللجنة و النظام ما يسمح و …..
    في هذه الحاولة حاولي تجيبي ال”شيف كومبلين” بانك تاشري على جسمك و تحاولي من الايكسامينيشن تعرفي ايش المريض عنده. و تقولي في الهيستوري انه في لانجوج بارير و الاكسامينير بالعادة يقدرو الموقف و يسير كل الاختبار ديسكشن.
    الحالة الاخيرة
    ٤- ما أعرف ايش عندي،لي شهر في المستشفى و أنا ما أعرف ايش عندي، ربنا يحفظك يا دكتور قلي ايش عندي. اول شي لا احد يخاف و هذا شي ممكن تلاقوه بكل بساطة خذو الشيف كومبلين و كملو ورقة غوغندي و هنا لازم تركزو على ” هوسبتال كورس” لانه هو الي فيه الزبدة على سبيل المثال ( س/ من ايش تشتكي. ج/من قبل شهرين و انا عندي استفراغ و تعبان و جيت على الطوارئ و انا ما اقدر امشي.
    س/ وبعدين ايش صار ( دائما خلو المريض يتكلم لانه عنده معلومات بحالته) و بعد كده سولوي تحاليل و انا ما اعرف ايش عندي. س/ سولوك اشاعة للظهر ( حاولو تنعشو ذاكرة المريض) ج/ نعم و طلع فيها كيس. س/ طب ايش لقو في التحاليل. ج/ انا خسرت وزن كثير و قالولي انه مشتبهين في حمى الضنك.
    من الاخر انا حاوقف الهيستوري و حاكتب
    C/C paraplegia, analysis, most impo ask about D.D (wheight loss, dernching neight sweet, contact with TB pt)>>> TB
    In analysis it is impo to ask it was ascending or not >>> GBS.
    Sexual Hx for Syphilis
    Trauma Hx.
    Hx of sever dirrhea, insulin use or othe cause of hypokalemai
    Symptoms of M.S
    Analysis of fever
    after that i will do good systemic reveiw bcz in PUO need to be reviewed & if the cause of paraplegia is occult cancer that metastase to the spinal cord.(you may not ask the pt, just write no…., no…. , no…. & to be in the safe side ask the pt do you complaine of anything else ) & i will complet all the other component of the Hx.
    However sometimes this is seem dificult especially if you don’t now what is the D.D is such case, just analyse the cheif complaine & do complete systemic review.
    I will examin the LL neuro examination & i will go quikley for other systemes
    Onother example of long case is CHF pt which will be evident from the begining of the Hx, ask about preciptating factor, cause of CHF, Complication, if the examination reveals that the pt have AF, don’t forget to ask about cause, embolization phenomena& check for pule deficiet in examintion.
    I will examin the CVS system focusing in JVP,ascitis, hepatomegaly, LL edema & basal crep & i will go very quiklely in the rest of my CVS exam & other systems.

  12. شكرا دكتور عبدالله ..
    بس سؤال ؟؟
    عادي ادخل ورقة غوغندي معايا !!!!؟؟

  13. Abdullah badahman says:

    لا مو عادي, خبي الورقه وسط الدفتر الي حتكتبي فيه الهيستوري, و أحيانا يخلوكم تدخلو بالشنط حقكم

  14. heartbeat says:

    gd morning
    sorry i forgot to tell u that i have been asked about
    DMARDs side effects be both Dr.bazr3& maimash
    in general all cause myelosuppression so u have to invest. for latent TB by PPD looking for induration and CXR
    in MTX give folic acid bcoz MTX works as antifolate
    Q2 what are the lung manifestation u can find in RA?
    u have to mention all of them starting with the pl effusion
    Q3 what are the investigation u will order incase of lung fibrosis?
    Cxr (waste of time according to bazar3a )
    high resolution CT scan
    Q4 findings?
    linear opacities
    in advance dis “honeycomb ” appearance

    the 2nd case was about the management of heptic encephalopathy
    Dr.9adege. asked me what’re the dd. of moderate spleenomegaly?
    I gave her all the dis I could remember but she didn’t like it >>>
    note massive spleenomegaloy crossing the umbilicus (CML, schistosomiasis. ,chronic malaria )

    Rabe fawa9′t amree lak

  15. السلام عليكم
    د عبد الله او اي احد من البنات في وحده من البنات قالتلي جاها
    Manegment of high INR??
    في احد يعرف الاجابة ؟
    ربنا يوفق الجميع

  16. لقيت الاجابة :-)
    INR higher than the therapeutic range but 9; bleeding absent
    Where there is a low risk of bleeding, cease warfarin therapy and give 2.5–5 mg vitamin K orally or 1 mg intravenously. Measure INR in 6–12 hours, and resume warfarin therapy at
    a reduced dose once INR < 5.
    Where there is a high risk of bleeding, cease warfarin therapy and give 1 mg vitamin K intravenously. Consider Prothrombinex-VF (25–50 IU/kg) and fresh frozen plasma (150–300 mL). Measure INR in 6–12 hours, and resume warfarin therapy at a reduced dose once INR < 5.
    (Examples of patients with a high bleeding risk include those with active GIT disorders, those receiving concomitant antiplatelet therapy, those who underwent a major surgical procedure within the previous two weeks, and those with
    a low platelet count.)
    Any clinically significant bleeding
    Cease warfarin therapy and give 5–10 mg vitamin K intra- venously, as well as Prothrombinex-VF (25–50 IU/kg) and fresh frozen plasma (150–300 mL). Assess patient continuously until INR < 5 and bleeding stops.
    مشكورين جميعا

  17. افتحوه في دا اللينك اوضح لانه الكلام مااتنسخ كله

  18. سفانه
    شيتات الاكزامنيشن حق دكتور عبد الله
    ماعرفت اطلعهاا
    كلها في الفايل المضغوط ؟؟مافي امكانيه تنفصل عن بعض ؟؟

  19. sara.baghlaf says:

    Dear ladies..

    The HIV lecture PDF was added

    And the midterm MCQ answers

    dr.aisha said that 2Qs will be omitted, the carotid massage and the ventilation Q. and the Cushing Q will be revised ..

    Best of luck to all of u

  20. alsalam alaikom ..

    doctor abdulla can you please give us some advice about the examination , for example if I am not sure about the sign what to do ( for example lung sounds , murmers )? shall i say i am not sure of the sign or what ??

    thank u so much

  21. Abdullah badahman says:

    Walaikom alsalm
    Alwayes tray to be honest, i hate to lie, & a lot of doctor like mind games, once you are not sure & he get this feeling that you are gussing in the exam he will start all the bad things, however there are some clues alwayes can help.
    e.g in short case: patient connected to ventilator & the doctor asked to auscultate the chest, for sure there will be finding, so don’t say from the begining i don’t now, just give it a try or on the other hand gusing & telling the doctor, it’s most likely…. , i think….. , is better than i’m not sure. for me in such case i will say the patient have wheez all over the chest, if he asked me is there anything else i wil auscultate the lower lob of the lung for fine crepitation & screen all the lung quikley with comparing both side for any other abnormalities, belive me this is alwayes work.
    In cardiac case if you listned to any thing abnormal go & auscultate the axilla if there is radiation of this abnormality, with all trust say this is pansystolic murmur radiating to axilla with muffuled first heart sound (murmur of mitral regurge) such patient usaly yong black patient have Rhuatic heart disease or thalssemia. This is from my experiance in all the cardiac case in the last 4 years.

  22. Thank you so much Dr. abdullah , that was helpful.

  23. roramania says:

    the new exam sheets .. cerebellar exam fe sugarsync?

  24. aliaa a says:

    where is the correct answers for the MCQs plz ????!!!
    thanks ..

  25. Wesal’s last comment
    “Dear Girls,
    I uploaded Dr.Attiah’s sheet. I am sorry for the delay, but I couldn’t do that before, the sheet is 35 pages.

    Revised MCQ answers
    Read Surat Al Kahaf and pray to Allah after the Asor prayer, your Doaa will be accepted inshAllah.”

  26. yaseera says:

    my dear college if u finish the exam would you please tell me if the dr.s asked u to read the Hx in front of her/him or just they asked you to summarized the Hx & the +ve signs in examination
    I hope you do well
    DON’T let the past hold you back, you’re missing the good stuff
    good luck

  27. My short cases was with dr fatimah beladi & dr 6aref alamri
    First case was ascites and all Qs are very easy and its maily about liver disease
    Second case was patient came to ER with SOB what you would to examine in the neck ? You have to say examine JVP .. Plz read how to diffrentiate between carotid and jugular .. Then she asked me what is the cause of increase JVP I said volume overload .. She asked what is the causes of volume overload ? I said Heart failure and renal failure but she want more so read it plz
    Then the rest of discussion was Rt side heart failure and how to manage

    My long case was with dr alsheikh and zubair
    Case was splenomegaly with cervical LN enlargment
    Case is simple even the discussion is easy he asked me what is the infectious cause of massive splenomegally he asked me how to diagnose: by titer and what you will see in bone marrow biopsy : donovan bodies
    Then we went to examine the pt in front of them : examine cervical lymph node and discribe what you found .. And examine the spleen and how to confime it is spleen by percussion and nochy ….ect read the feature of spleen in examination

    We bas :)

    الله يوفقكم يارب ويفتح عليكم وينور بصيرتكم وما يضيع لكم تعب

  28. shemoo0oo says:

    Hi all allah yesahelakom ya rab o inshaa allah te5ale9o 3ala 5air
    All in FMW
    My long case today with dr.siraj mera , omran (onco) my pt was maryam came with abdominal pain for two years for investigations

    Qs You will present the history and examination
    DDx? I told the doctor colon ca, abd. Tb , lymphoma but he want more (ovarian cyste, ca, peptic ulcer ) , ask me some Qs about DM complications.
    Investigation, then we went to patient and doctor ask me to show him positive finding
    Then he ask me Then he ask me how to diagnose hilicobacter , treatment

    My short cases with dr.saad shohaib and external female doctor
    Examine hand generally, pt has tremor what is DDx , signs & symptoms of co2 retention?
    Patient has copd came to er with fever , SOB, cough what is the diagnosis=>infection(pneumonia) how to treat?

    Examine back full exam what is your finding? Decrease air entry on rt side
    What is the diffrential?

    Good luck all rabana yefare7kom be nehaya 7elwa

  29. ERU:
    Long case: L9 room:150
    Faiza Qari+nisereen

    COPD exacerbation but the pt complaint is chest pain (presented as IHD)
    After the descussion we went to the pts room for 3min and she asked me abt +ve things in his Ex and asked to show her.

    Qs were direct about(HF/ COPD/ DM-HONKC)

    Short cases w 3beer kawthar + juhani
    1) Examine the abdomen + discussion about ascites (room 139)
    2) Examine the chest from the back + discussion about pleural effusion (room140)
    I’m not sure abt bed number

    All Qs were DIRECT and from dr/abdullah sheet
    Don’t panic ans sleep well.
    GOOD LUCK , allah ysahelakom

  30. Dr.Abeer says:

    Long case:
    the case was (most probably) AIDS
    pt. referred from king saud hospital with 1 year Hx of fever and vomiting ! now he has jaundice.
    Ex. hepatospleenomegaly, jaundice.
    discussion was about the history, why you ask, why you didn’t?
    your DDx?
    investigation to approve or role out your list of differential.
    then the discussion will depend on your answers.
    here is an examples of Qs I had:
    how you diagnose AIDS?
    what is the diff. between HIV +ve and AIDS?
    what are the opportunistic infections in AIDS?
    what is the outcome of the treatment? would you treat or not?
    what the risk resulting from presence of this pt. in the ward?
    what are the causes of jaundice? (pre. hepatic, and post)
    how you confirm that this jaundice is due to hemolysis bu investigation?
    then they asked me to Ex. the spleen, how you diff. it from the kidney?

    Short cases:
    1) hepatomegaly with jaundice:
    *Ex of GI general and local.
    and other Qs according to your answer.

    2) stroke:
    *examine the upper limp: motor, sensory
    *what are other Ex you wanna do? LL exmination
    *investigations, diff. between haemorrahgic and ischemic stroke in the CT, why we do echo?
    *how you prevent recurrence? aspirin, control the risk factors DM, HTN and hyperlipidemia.

    ربي يفتح عليكم ويوفقكم جميعًا :)

  31. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله :)

    my exam In ER ward

    Long case with Dr.salem and Dr.Al-Anud
    42 year old male complining of melena 
    1) present the case
    2) DD of UGITB
    3) vital signs and +ve findings in examination
    4) what to do for these patient in ER (investigations and mangement)
    5) asked me about hypoalbuminemia
    6) asked me also about postural hypotension
    7) if found flapping tremor in these patient think of what?? ( hepatic encephalopathy) 8) what is the prespting factors of hepatic encephalopathy
    9) what is the infection can see in these patient( SBP) , most common organism and what is it the treatment
    10) what is the mangement in case of hepatic encephalopathy
    Then went to patient examine for ascites and spleen, the diff between kidney and 

    Short cases with Dr.Maimona and Dr.Hind
    First case is down syndrome with murmurs (VSD)
    1) CVS examination ( vital, general and pericardium the doctor say just auscultation)
    2) findings and comment 
    3) types of murmurs 
    4) asked about infective endocarditis  ( carteria for diagnosis, caustive oragnism and treatment)
    5) if patient came with heart faliure what is the mangement

    Second case examintion of chest
    1) examine the chest from back
    2) what is the findings ( Rt side pleural effusion)
    3) DD
    4) asked about pleural TB (invesigations, mangement of TP, antiTP side effects and baseline investigations before start anti TP

    GooD LucK :)

    ربي ييسر لكم ويفتح عليكم ويبارك في وقتكم وإجابتكم :)

  32. My short cases mith d.seraj wali were 1- hepatomegaly + jundice
    2- stroke 

    They ask me to examin , put a diffrential , how to investigate and mangement for stroke case only. 

    All question were easy and common 2 question i didn’t answer were 
    In hepatomegaly case if he came with the same presintation with bradycardia what is the cause ?!

    In stroke case , examination of the power for each group. Say the muscle name and nerve supply. 
    Biceps in flexion C5-6 and so on. 

    Long case : lymphoma. MMW 
    With d.daad & d.bashaik
    Pt came with one huge neck mass lateral side diagnosid to have lymphoma 1 year ago On chemo.

    They listen to the hx , examination , differntial diagnosis. Investigation of lymphoma , staging of lymphoma , complication : tumor lysis syndrome , hypercalcima charctarstic for lymphoma . Treatment : they want just to say oncology refferal for chemo & radio. 
    If it TB , how to treat ?! For how long ?! Side effect ?! If pt. Have hepatitis due to TB medication how to manage such case ?! 

    We will have time to take history & examination & put a D.D. For youre long case. Don’t warry about time. 

    توكلوا على الله و دعواتنا لكم بالتوفيق و السداد. الله يوفقكم و ييسر امركم و يرزقكم اعلى الدرجات دنيا و اخره.
    GoOd luck

  33. سفانه ابغى شيتات الاكزامنيشن حق د.عبدالله الاضافيه
    ماني قادره اطلعهااا

    بلييييز حاولي تساعديني

  34. أنا كمان الموقع طالب اشتراك واشتركت قبل 3 ايام و الى الان ما ارسلوا لي ايميل التفعيل

  35. FMW

    Long: dr. Mera and dr. Imran
    Pyrexia of unknown origin
    Fever for 5 month, night sweating, weight loss and iron deficiency anemia are the only positives in history
    No positive findings in examination ( i mentioned water hammer pulse but Dr. Mera did not accept it coz no high volume pulse and no murmer)
    DDx ( i mentioned )
    Infections : TB, HIV, Hepatitis, malaria, dunge fever, … Etc
    Malignancy: lymphoma, leukemia, HCC, RCC, etc
    Inflammation: RA, SLE, …
    Endocrine: thyrotoxicosis

    Mention all the investigation for ur DDx
    Blood, urine, bone marrow, serology, …
    Xray, CT,….

    Doctors took me to the patient and ask me to examine her for thyrotoxicosis

    Shorts: dr. Fathaddin, dr. Nawal
    1- cervical lymphadenopathy
    What you see in this lady face?
    Examine her lymphnodes
    what else you want to examine
    Relation bt her neck scar and her presenting symptom?
    How to investigate?
    What you see in biopsy?
    Rx of TB?

    2- pallor with spleenomegaly
    What do you notice in her face? Pale
    Where you see pallor?
    What else you want to examine?
    Examine the abdomen for hepatospleenomegaly.
    No hepatomegaly
    Positive spleenomegaly
    How to differentiate between spleen and kidney?
    DDx of pallor with spleenomegaly?
    How to investigate for malaria?
    Rx of malaria?
    Main contraindication for quenin? G6PD deficiency

    Good luck :d

  36. MMW
    Long case with dr. Demerdash and yosif Qari
    Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Pt with splenomegaly and cervical LN. With fever. Nt sweating and wt loss.

    I presented the whole Hx
    What is the DDx??
    Types of HL
    wts febrile neutropenia. And the Tx
    Indications for splenectomy

    Short cases: same dr.s and cases as Salma..

  37. Dr.Mi-chan R says:

    Hi all allah yesahelakom ya rab o inshaa allah te5ale9o 3ala 5air
    All in FMW
    my long case was L2 her name was layla breast ca case come with febrial neutropenea >>nice case:D the exeminars dr.khzindar+dr.amani
    1stQ: do u know me??and whos the dr. with me?
    then I told them the history full.
    what’s ur Dx: I told them febril netropnea
    the Q what dose it mean bactria and neutropnea??wa allah tan7nt -_-
    then did u examind the heart >>yes normal >>why did u examine it ??i answer it could be for mets >>it’s rare he answer then said infction >>then i said infective endocarditis>>what u’ll hear Isaid murmure :D
    then did u examine the cns I said only reflx then let’s go to patient>>I examine for neuropathy >>vibrtion test<>i said not sure but he told me chemo therapy cause nueropthy :) ..
    then what’s the best screening test for breast Ca..i said depend on age but the best mamogram>>he said no self physical exam O_O ok
    where breast ca mets?>>lung liver brain bone
    then dr.amani ask what’s the 2nd common malgnancy in female I said not sure but I think lung Ca..she replayed no it’s thyroid O_O>>even dr.khazindar didnt know bcoz he told me it’s only statstic loool
    then he ask what chemo the breast ca >>i said they recived taxen and if she have her+ve hercepten any way they use TAC portocol loool
    then i examine the hand and there was skine infection?. what organism can cause ??staph aurs+epiderms good u r done :D
    thank good
    My short cases with dr.saad shohaib and external female doctor

    Examine back full exam what is your finding? Decrease air entry on rt side
    What is the diffrential?
    read the peulral effiosun EXAM it’s from there :D

    Examine hand generally, pt has tremor what is DDx , signs & symptoms of co2 retention?
    Patient has copd came to er with fever , SOB, cough what is the diagnosis=>infection(pneumonia) how to treat?
    then if this patint cam with clubing to ur clinc urDx?
    what’s the paraneoplastic sym? I only remmaberd cushing loool so read about it
    how treat hypercalsimia??
    then u r done
    the Qs was ok not hard wa al7amdullah?
    relax and sleep well
    most imp to do in cancer pt who have chemo>>vibration test
    try to examine the pt once half of the time pass then cont history
    dont panic
    what ever u didnt do say i didnt due to time they well take either way to examine the pt

    Good luck all rabana yefare7kom be nehaya 7elwa

  38. السلام عليكم
    اختبرت اول شي
    long case
    Hx : ( LL weakness )
    واخذوني ع البيشنت
    Ex ( localy in L L )
    ماطولوا معاايا يمكن لاني مزكمه وقالي الدكتور اخاف تعدينا

    short case
    -COPD , general examination . examin the hand . how to look for tremor . How to treat in ER

    -pleural effusion , examin the back . what is your finding? . DD . How to investigate ?

    شيتات د. عبدالله كفاية
    بالتوفيق ، خلو ماماتكم تدعيلكم وادعوا لنفسكم ربنا يبعد عنكم الmalignant doctors ^^
    اشبعواااا نوم وروحوا وانتو مروقين
    الله يهديكم ويوفقكم ويهديلكم الدكاترة الطيبين
    وتخرجوا وانتو مبسوطين

  39. الكيس حقتي كانت في FMW

  40. My exam in MMW:
    Long case: SCA w/ VOC
    w/ dr.Daad & dr.Basheekh
    They took me on the pt to examin him!

    Short cases:
    W/ dr.seraj wali
    1- Stroke:
    - examin his UL Neuro?
    - investigation?
    - mangement in ER?
    - will u do echo for him? & why?

    2- Hepatomegaly w/ jaundice
    - examin GI?
    - go for the liver?
    - DDx?
    -give me 1 thing only to Dx him clinically for HCC? (brui)
    -how to Dx him laboratory?
    -will u do biopsy for him? (NEVER!)

    Dr.Abdullah’s sheets were more than enough for the short cases :)
    Allah yoafegakum o yfta7aha 3leekum ya rab
    Gd Luck! :)

  41. ER unit dr.maimona & hind fallata
    first case : down syndrom pt.
    examin the heart & whats the finding
    then they ask me about infective endocarditis

    second : pleural effusion
    examin + the finding
    causes of effusion + TB extra investigation to confirm

    long case ( SCA + VOC )
    dr. faiza Qari + dr.nisren
    stright forward Q
    THEY TOOK ME TO THE Pt to see the finding
    she asked me about the antidote for morphin ..

    الله يسهلكم ويوفقكم يـــآرب ..

  42. roramania says:

    i hot examined today by maimoona for the long

    will i think there was abdominal mass and abdominal pain
    and she wanted the defferential

    and then she asked me about gastric cancer
    and when i didnt answer
    she asked me about renal failure which was very common questions

    investigation . management of hyperkalemia w kida

    she asked me whats the relation of renal failure with iron deffeciency anemia ?
    i didnt know

    the short cases with alshali and fa6ma beladi

    it was down .. pansystolic murmur ..
    and they asked me to check the JVP
    and whats the management of polmunary edema

    the 2nd case plueral effusion very simple and common and nothing abnormal

    wish u all the luck girls

  43. السلام عليكم
    انا اختباري كان في الفيميل وورد
    جاني في اللونج تي بي برين اسم المريضة حفصة اللي تجيها كل شي كان نورمال بس في سكوينت في الليفت بسبب ٦ كرينال نيرف وكمان تفحص النيك لانه عندها انلارج ثايرويد والقلب في فايندنج البلس اريجيولار
    الاختبار كان مع د عمران
    الشورت كيس كانت مع خزندار والعنود
    اول كيس سبلينوميجالي سال ديفرينشيال وملاريا انفستيجيشن بالبلود فيلم ثيك وثين وسال ايش تشوفي قلتله بارازايت قالي كيف تعرفي اذا اكتيف انا ماعرفت بس في رنج مدري ايش دورولها سال التريتمنت اذا جات اكيوت ايش حتسوي
    تاني كيس كانت سيرفايكل ليمف ادينوباثي سال ديفرينشيال وانفستجيشن حقت اتش اي في سال ماهو الاي لايزا هو انتي بودي
    وووو بس
    ربنا يسهلكم ويفتح عليكم

  44. السلام عليكم .. الله يوفقكم ويسهل عليهم


    Long case: Abd. pain for 2 years, Dr. Suzan Prof. 3amodi
    - present the case, give ur differentials, and long discussion about investigation that i’ll do, then we went to pt for examination

    Short cases , same of asora, the previous comment, and the same Qs

  45. Hello girls, I was examined in the male ward. Long case:632-1 Abdullah
    The patient was just admitted. He came complaining of poly arthritis and FUO.
    The discussion was about seronegative arthritis. Brucellosis, gout and even RA.
    Straight forward al7mdullah. Bs y3ny who would of thought :P
    Oh it was with dmerdash and d3d Akbar. They made me show them the effusion in the knee.

    Short cases were: fascial nerve and the other lymphadenopathy. With Tareef ala3ma and Abeer kwthar. Straight forward. Revise Bell’s palsy.

    And good luck

  46. Hello, amani can u till us plz about the abd mass ddx and what was the diagnosis if u don’t mind
    And the disscusion question

  47. Huda Ashkar says:

    Hello girls, al 7mdellah it was fine

    Short cases with Dr. Adel Khizindar / Dr. Al Anoud, Splenomegaly, I was asked about the DDx for massive splenomegaly, we talked about malaria he asked me about the thick blood film, what do you see in it? / what do we call this stage? I honestly didn’t know, asked about the treatment for malaria. Second case, cervical lymphadenopathy with DDx of HIV and TB, I was asked how do we diagnose HIV and how do we treat TB and for how long o bas.

    Long case, tuberculoma, was very straight forwards, typical TB patient with Dr. Aisha Al-Ghamdi, my time was cut down by 15 minutes and I didn’t finish my examination, so after I presented, she took me over to the patient and asked me to check the patient for signs of ACTIVE thyrotoxicosis “Hand: bounding pulse, clubbing, oncholysis, Eyes: she wanted Lid lag and lid retraction only, Lower Limb: myxedema and reflexes, and oscultate the thyroid for bruits” bas al 7amdellah it was really well, la t5afo, inshallah rabbana ma 7y9′yy3lakom t3ab :)

    • Huda Ashkar says:

      This is behalf of Ahd on the first day:

      FMW, long case: febrile neutropenia (breast ca, post mastectomy)

      Short case 1: general exam of a COPD patient + pneumonia

      Short case 2: chest exam, pleural effusion >> TB

      My cases were in the FMW also ^^

  48. Hello,
    1-long case:
    Dr.Maimoona and an external doctor i think
    The patient presented with melena, he was medically free
    no findings on examinations except for jaundice
    we discussed the management of GIB, hepatic encephalopathy
    2-Short cases with Dr.Khalid Alshali and Fatmah Albiladi
    The first was Down’s syndrome with pansystolic murmur, they asked about other anomalies in those patients, ddx of pansystolic murmur, acute management of HF.
    The second was rt pleural effusion and i was asked about TB.
    Good Luck

  49. nada elmadhoun says:

    My cases were in FMW
    Long case dr.soraj mira
    Puo 5 month hx, wt loss,rash 1st week of fever,arthralgia
    Examination hairy leukoplakia tongue,femiral and inguinal LN
    Discussion was mainly differential and investigation
    Then i showed him the +ve findings at the pt and was asked about TB tx

    Short cases
    Dr.adel khizndar, dr.alanoud aljifr
    Massive spleenomegaly
    Full abdomen exam
    How ro confirm its spleen
    Normal range of liver
    DD,asked about what type of leukemia cause massive splenomegaly
    Honestly i cant remeber what else he asked
    Second case

    Cervical lyphadenopathy
    Asked examin pt neck
    Wt else u want to examin
    DD of single nontender lyphnode
    Asked about HIV how to diagnose and treat

    Allah m3akm
    Just sleeeeep sleeep sleeep
    Its easy if ur awake
    And no matter what happens go out happy saying alhamdallah that you finished!! :D

  50. dr.rafif says:

    Case ERU
    Melena &dizness
    Why the pt has dizness.  Anemia
    Ddx of UGIt bleeding 
    Q related to my history
    Why do you think alcohol is imp 
    Pt had erosive dudenatis endoscopy pic 
    What are the causes
    How do you tx in er
    Ex finding pallor 
    Show me how to examin pallor
    Examin jvp
    Diff between jvp &carotid
    What is zolinger elson syndrome 

    Examin pt abdomin
    How to confirm dx 
    By us. 
    If liver is has ascatis
    What is ddx
    Pertinal ca idont know name
    Heart falier
    What are sources of pertonal seed
    What is tumor marker of ovaria ca

    Ex chest course crept bilateral 
    Ddx. Bronchatisis bronchitis 
    If unilateral pnomonia
    Causes of Bronchatisis
    How to dx
    What is chest physiotherapy

  51. Drdina Hemdi says:

    first short case in the male ward with
    * dr shik ( endocrine)عبد الرحمن الشيخ
    * هاني جاوه
    المريض عند غرف العشرينات اخر الممر على اليمين شعره بني فاتح
    د الشيخ هوا لاي كان بيتكلم
    examin for spleenomgaly
    بديت inspection
    روحت لل palpation
    from right iliac fossa
    وقفني الدكتور وقالي ما تسوي
    superfac palpation
    قلت لا قالي لا لازم تسوي عشان لو في pain
    مشيته وسمعت كلامه عشان اراضيه
    spleenomegaly till the umblicus
    Q is is massive
    Q dd of massive splenomegaly
    Q why umblicum flat شكلها غريب
    due ti present of splenomegaly
    Q all about thalasemia

    second short case
    رجال اسمر
    د هاني جاوه الي بيتكلم
    Q examin the lowe leg
    there was bilateral LL edema at
    تحت ترى ما وصلت
    Q what eles to examin
    abdomen for ascites
    Q Examin for ascites
    Q investigation?
    Q if the protien ناسية الرقم
    انا قلتله لو neutrophil 250
    يفيديني اكتر عشان اشخص
    Q all about sbp

    long case also in MMW with د نبيل الاعمى ود نسرين
    المريض غرفته ميتين شي وعشرين
    ولد صغير عمره 20 عنده
    joandice known SCA
    diagnosis : gallstone
    all q about ASC
    brady cardia with hypervolum and waterhummer
    Q if u hear soft systolic murmer
    what is the couse
    كنت متنحة بفكر في نوع ال
    قالى طيب
    is functional or physiologica
    جاوبته من التلميح
    physiological due to anemia
    q how to confirm this
    مو متاكد
    by bending forward
    there was hepatomegaly ( left loop)

    حسيت اغلب الحالات
    spleen and stroke
    لا تنسو الانيميا انا اختبرت حالتين انيميا


  52. heartbeat says:

    gd evening
    i was in the FMW
    started with the long case in room 139/3
    pt Cc was fever for 1 week
    acute viral illness
    the discussion was all about the PUO
    the DD & workup (don’t forget. to mention the septic screen )
    on the pt they asked me to show the positive findings, .

    the 2 short cases
    with Dr.belade & Dr.alshale
    splenomegaly , liver was 6 cm cirrhotic
    DD be organize start with infectious causes
    the pt was cirrhotic so portal HTN (review the causes pre hepatic , hepatic , post hepatic “CHF, const.pericarditis “)
    the investigation (CBC looking for WBCs count and cytopenia»»» hypersplenism , US ) , how to manage febrile neutropenia pt

    the 2nd case was generalize cervical lymphadenopathy, the DD, the lymphoma histology, stages & Rx

    regarding the long case be confident don’t panic the way I did
    just from the start put ur DD and tell them how u roll in and out ur dd ” they want u to talk ” . . .
    gd luck
    one more day left

    • dr.maram says:

      MMW :
      Long case e Dr. Hisham akbar,dr.Omar ayoub
      20 yo k/c of SCA amitted as case of SCA e VOC
      On EX: no +ve finding just pale and jundice .
      -types of crisis?!
      -indication of exchang bl transfusion
      _indication of packed RBC transfusion ?!
      - causes pt SCA with jundice ?!
      -symptom of acute chest syndrome ?!
      _Pt SCA and splenomegaly , explaine?!
      _vaccines ?!
      _every thing about heb b virus
      _defentive diagnosis of SCA ?!
      _normal range of bulirubin and at which level we can detect jundice clinically ?!

      My short case e Dr.siraj wali and Dr. Yousef qari
      First case :- Examine JVP
      Which other system examine if the JVP high ?!
      _Different between carotid and venous ?!
      -why increse JVP when u do hepatojuglar reflex ?!
      Pt came ER e SOB ?! InvX
      If have acute pulmonary edema what is findings in CXR ?!
      Managment ?!
      Causes of increse troponin ?!
      CI of b-blocker ?!
      Dose of frusamide and sise effect ?!
      Relation between RHF and pulmonary edema ?!

      2nd case :
      _general examination ?!
      _Examine lymph node ?!
      -examine spleen ?!
      _how to differentiate if the mass from spleen or other organ?!
      _DDx of lymphadenopathy ?!
      _Invx hemolytic anemia ?!

      Allah yewaf8kom

  53. my case on ER
    long case DKA+hypothyrodism with dr.3esha al9de8e
    ask me about invest. mangment with dose & unit of DKA
    what the diffrent btwn ABG & VBG ?when u use it ?
    what the catbolic hormone ? what the anabolic ?
    why pt with DKA have abd pain ? & wt loss ?if wt loss indicate what ?
    what sign u will find in examin pt on ER ?
    then go to examin al pt JVP & ask me if pt thyrotoxicosis what sign indecate the dis active now ? she want brui

    short case with dr 3bd alr7em & bashai5
    1- down’s syndrom child girl
    examin cardio had pansystoli mur.
    i do insp. palp. auscu. but he asked me what els u want to exami in percardiom not other system ?!!ma knt 3arfa esh yba
    if pt have VSD & ASD & pul.HTN how to investigate ? how to manage ?
    if ur cardilogist & read the report of this pt what the imp. thing u want to see if pt have it or not ? ma a3rf esh kan yb3′a belazab6 ..
    kant case pedia mo medicine w rbe ..
    2- case pnemonia
    inves.mangment. dd according to ur finding ..
    w bs alla ywf8kom w yshel 3lekom

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