Surgery Midterm Exam

Date: Saturday,14-4-2012

Time: 10:00 am

Venue: Main Auditorium, section 1 and 2

Inactive OSCE 
Time : 10:30 tp 11:05 am

5 slides Exam 7 min for each
Mark: 10% (2%for each slide)

Written Exam
Time : 11:10 am tp 12:10 pm

No. Of MCQs: 40 MCQs for Written Exam
Mark: 10 marks



The exam is divided to 2 parts:


Written Exam


What is included in the exam?

Just Lectures

All lectures ( 14 topics)  before the Midterm exam – the list of  lectures which is written in our Lectures schedule  plus Urology lectures ( 3 topics)

1- preoperative assessment and management (dr. amoudi)

2- Esophageal diseases (dr. qithmi)

3-  hernia (dr. johari)

4- gallstones and obstructive jaundice (prof. bakhotma)

5- pancreatic diseases ( Pancreatitis and cancer pancreas ) (prof. bakhotma)

6- Intestinal Obstruction ( Prof.Mokhtar)
7- perianal disease Dr.A. Kensarah

8- thyroid diseases Prof.A. Meccawy

9- breast cancer Prof.A. Merdad

10- genito-urinary tumor Prof. A. Tayib ( Urology)

11- urinary stones + obstructive uropathy  Dr. Rezk ( Urology)

12- trauma + pediatric urology Dr.A. Alsayyad ( Urology)

13- trauma ( ABC, abdomial and chest trauma ) – Prof.Ashy ( we will take it next Monday 2 to 3 pm )

14- gastrointestinal bleeding – Dr.Sibiany ( we will take it next Sunday)

15- acute abdomen – Prof.Mashat ( we will take it next Monday 1 to 2 pm)
16- colorectal diseases    already  it’s included in the exam
( we will try to reschedule it by the next week )

GIT obstruction and bleeding in children is not included in the exam

Lectures files:


Inactive OSCE

Time : 10:30 to 11:05 am

5 slides Exam 7 min for each
Mark: 10% (2%for each slide)

Sources for the inactive

It’s important that you know the signs for the diseases that are in the lectures included in the exam.

The pictures will be: X-Rays, investigations (urine analysis) and signs for diseases.

It will be just like the formative inactive we had.

These are some files we found on the Internet and they are very useful for the inactive ( 1234 )


Questions that will come are:

What is this image?

What are the findings or abnormalities in the X-Ray or in the Mammogram?

What is the most likely diagnosis? (2 or 3 differential)

What other investigations that could confirm the diagnosis?

Mention other signs and symptoms.

How can you manage this patient?

MRI and CT scan will NOT be included in the inactive.

Air under diaphragm and IVP stones are the examples Dr.Saleh mentioned to us.


All sheets are available in Alandalus library.

The lectures will be in a file arranged according to their number in the schedule: 2- Pre-Operative Assessment and Management (including surgical site infection, fluid and electrolytes). 2-Trauma (ABC, Abdominal and chest). 3 -Esophageal Disease. 4- Gastrointestinal Bleeding. 9- Intestinal Obstruction + Cancer Stomach, PUD. 14- Genito-Urinary Tumors.

New sheets

TB in Genitourinary, and the new study guide.

The library has a lot of sheets from previous years that can help you.



Uro MCQs Answered

Surgery Med 07 Girls final exam


 Female In-Active Exam

1)X- ray of tension pneumothorax a- describe and what is the diagnosis b- what investigations will u order .

2) a pt after 2 weeks of being treated for acute pancreatitis came with fever 41c and epigastric mass a- what is the Dx ? ( pancreatic absces or infected psudocyst ) b- mention 4 causes of acute pancreatitis c- investigations .

3) picture of goiter a- describe by one word what you see b- write 3 differential diagnosis c- what investigations will you order .

 4) x-ray of small bowl obstruction a- what is the diagnosis b- what are the 2 most important causes c- blood investigations .

 5) urine analysis a- what are the 5 abnormal findings ( polyurea, hematuria, +ve nitrate, high WBC. …?) b- what investigations will you order .



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