study guide

1- Coronary Artery Diseases / Recent Advances in CAD—–      

2- Pericarditis / Cardiomyopathy————————————        

3- Heart Failure———————————————————-       

4- Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases——————————         

5- Diabetes Mellitus Management———————————-        

6- Pyrexia of Unknown Origin—————————————–        

7- HIV / AIDS————————————————————-         

8- Rheumatoid arthritis \ SLE ——————————————-         

9- Inflammatory Bowel Disease————————————–         

10- Approach to Patients with Coma——————————–        

11- Vasculitis————————————————————-         

12- Hepatitis—————————————————————        

13- Stroke—————————————————————–        

14- Pulmonary Embolism / Pulmonary Hypertension————         

15- Ca Lung / Ca Breast———————————————-         

16- Renal Failure——————————————————–         

17- Dermatology 1——————————————————         

18- Dermatology 2——————————————————         


Dermatology lecture

fungal infection—————————-


patient Safety

Patient safety curriculum——————  

Introduction of patient safety—————–   

Medication Safety and Errors——————-

Adverse events and Malpractice Protection——————

 Effect of human factors and physician fatigue on pt safety———–

Infection Control and patients Safety————-


final male exam —————

inactive OSCE———————–

Male Oral Exam ———————–

Midterm MCQ answes ———————


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