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Emergency Medicine Study Guide

All Surgery Lectures

1- preoperative assessment and managment———   
2- trauma ( ABC, abdomial and chest trauma )——–   

3- esophageeal diseases———————————–   
4- gastrointestinal bleeding———————————   
5- acute abdomen———————————————   
9- intestinal obstruction & cancer stomach—————       
10- colorectal diseases—————————————   
11- perianal disease——————————————   
12-thyroid diseases——————————————–   
13- breast cancer———————————————–   
14- genito-urinary tumor————————————–   
15- urinary stones + obstructive uropathy—————-      
16- trauma + pediatric urology——————————   
17- hernias——————————————————-   
18- gallstones and obstructive jaundice—————–   
19- pancreatic diseases————————————-   
20- endocrine surgery—————————————-   
21- medico-legal issues in surgical practice———-   
24- GIT obstruction and bleeding in children———–   
25- common congenital anomalies———————-   
26- burn + skin tumor—————————————–   
27- cardiac diseases—————————————–   
28 – thoracic trauma——————————————   
29- head injury + spinal cord——————————–     
30- brachial plexus + peripheral nerve injury————-   
31- diabetic foot———————————————–   
32- acute and chronic limb ischemia———————-   

Orthopedic tutorials 


Orthopedic emergencies————————————- 

Pediatric orthopedics—————————————–

Urology tutorials 

uroradiology ———————-

urinary tract infection —————

TB of the genitourinary tract———–


Pediatric tutorials

Common Pediatric Surgical Conditions—————-

Pediatric Surgical Emergencies——————–


Bites and stings———–    



Disaster Management—————–     

SCUBA Diving Injuries———————    


Heat Illness———————    


Written ——————


Inactive OSCE——         

Our Mid term exam answers —-   

Extras and Revisions

Dr.Al Msarri’s Revision———        

Dr.Al Msarri’s Revision part 2 ————————– 

Dr.Hatem’s Abdominal Trauma Extra Session ————– 

Dr.Salih last meeting —————————————-    

Dr. Makki – surgical nutrition —————————————-

Dr. Bakhoutma – Biliary diseases —————————————-    

Dr. Amoudi – surgical radiology —————————————-    

Dr. sibiany – surgical nutrition —————————————- 

Dr. Sawsan – mammogram —————————————-    

Dr. Simbawa – how to prepare for oral —————————————-

Dr. Altaf – antibiotics —————————————-    

Dr. bangash – session —————————————-    

Colonoscopy preparation —————————————-

Surgical instrument —————————————-

Dr.Salah extra session about oral exam—————–

Orthopedic revision——————————-  

Thyroid Examination ——————————–

Breast cancer ———————————-

X-ray in ortho trauma———————————- 

urology MCQ answers & comments (Dr.Ayman) ———————–

urology revision (Wafaa) ———————–

 neuro & trauma for oral (from reem) ——–

ER – Dr.Simbawa ——–

ER – Dr.Hisham ( done by: Sara) ——–

short cases مواضيع الــ

 ملخصات متعددة من عمل الطالبات في المنتدى 


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    بسال على محاضرة thyroid
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  4. the first urology link doesn’t work
    thnx alot

  5. ممكن تشيكو على رابط الـ
    pancreatic diseases

    و شكرا..

  6. ortho
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    brest cancer
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  9. السلام عليكم

    ممكن محاظره ال Toxicology
    Power point حقت الدكتور

  10. http://www.4shared.com/photo/nD-frE6u/colonoscopy_prep.html
    بنات هادي ورقة البريبريشن اللي قال عنها د مسري

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    متي حتنزلو شيتات الكورس في الموقع حقت د عبد الله

  12. slaam..momkn tnzloo mo7adrat al Cardio plzzzzzz !!!
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  13. القروبات اللي أخذت توتوريال head injury مع د. بنقش
    ياليت اذا احد سجل التوتوريال صوتي يرفعه هنا

  14. what did dr.Saleh say in his revision last week?

  15. sara.baghlaf says:

    Regarding the perianal diseases, these are the important points that dr.kensara has mentioned

    1- Deferential diagnosis of anal diseases :
    benign : hemorrhoids, fissures,..
    malignant: anal carcinoma,… (he said u don’t have to know the malignancy in details, just know the names)
    2- Don’t perform PR examination if the patient have anal fissure.
    3- In order to differentiate between an abscess and anal fistula, take a swab for culture, if there is anaerobic organism so it’s a fistula. If it’s a staph it will be an abscess.
    the rest of the information that he mentioned are similar to what is written in Recall.
    Good luck :)

  16. ab’3a as2al ayat link tb3 al oral ortho ele 8alo dr- ahmad ?we shokran

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